New Balance Have Been In Contact with FC Barcelona

New Balance have been in contact with FC Barcelona, according to the local newspaper Diario Sport. The Blaugrana board is said to be dissatisfied with Nike and is exploring the possibility of other suppliers.

Nike and Barcelona have a contract worth a fixed sum of around 100 million Euro per season, worth until 2028. Bonuses can bring it up to 155 million Euro.

Barcelona Not Happy With Nike

Despite having the possibly most lucrative kit deal in football, Joan Laporta and other managers believe that the amount paid is still below what the club is worth. New Balance are one of the brands that have expressed interest in replacing Nike. Another would have been Puma.

Nike say Barcelona are also responsible for problems in the partnership

New Balance are looking to expand their brand in soccer. The brand recently signed a new deal with São Paulo FC and young Brazilian soccer player Endrick, who will join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024.

However, talks have not progressed as the Catalan board has assumed that it cannot afford a contract termination at this time, something that would also be out of the question for the brand.

Apart from the strictly economic aspects, Barcelona are also not entirely satisfied with some service issues: quality in some processes, designs, service to players. Sources linked to Nike have reported that some situations have been difficult to comply with, and that Barcelona itself is often the one responsible for delays in decision-making and failing to meet deadlines. As a result, tensions in the relationship are causing frustration for both parties involved.

Footy Headlines Opinion: Gap Filler Story, Nike Will Remain FC Barcelona Kit Maker Until At Least 2028

In the opinion of Footy Headlines, the entire story appears to be a sensationalized piece of news for the Sport - they are a daily sports newspaper primarily focused on FC Barcelona. While the reports of issues are certainly true, they are not unusual in the world of football.

In fact, FC Barcelona probably get a better treatment than any other Nike club. They are the only team who receive next season's training template six months in advance.

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