Adidas 2024 "Solar Energy" Football Boots Collection Released

Update: Confirming our leak, Adidas has just launched the 'Solar Energy' collection and introduced a new football boot naming system.

Update: Footy Headlines can leak the name and launch date of the first Adidas 2024 main collection. Called "Solar Energy Pack", it will be launched on Tuesday, 16 January 2024.

Adidas 2024 "Solar Energy" Pack

This photo shows the Adidas "Solar Energy" boots collection.

The Adidas 2024 "Solar Energy" collection has a variety of color combinations, with the three silos having their own main colors.

What unites them is the use of red for every shoe (only detailing for the Adidas X), plus the use of Solar Yellow for the Adidas X and Predator. The classic Copa comes without Solar Yellow for a more classic look.

Adidas football boot naming system will be: Elite - Pro - League - Club:

Adidas X Crazyfast "Solar Energy" - Solar Yellow/Black/White/Red

Check out the new Adidas X Crazyfast football shoes from the "Solar Energy" collection below.

The new Adidas X 2024 "Solar Energy" boots feature a Solar Yellow main color combined with white, red, and black accents. The 3 stripes on the upper are black, the sole is white and the studs are red.

This colorway of the Adidas first X 2024 boots reminds us of the colorway of the Adidas X Ghosted boots from the "Superlative" collection.

Adidas Predator 2024 "Solar Energy" - Black/Solar Red/Solar Yellow

This photo shows the Adidas "Solar Energy" Predator 2024 boots.

The new Adidas Predator 2024 boots from "Solar Energy" collection are inspired by the iconic OG (original) colorway of the silo. They have a black main color combined with white 3 stripes, red collar and sole. An electricity yellow is added both as a homage to the popular Electricity Predators and for a striking touch.

What also stands out is the sole plate with a giant Predator logo.

Adidas Copa Pure 2 "Solar Energy" - White/Black/Red

This image shows the new Adidas Copa Pure II boots in "White/Black/Red".

The Adidas Copa Pure 2 soccer boots from the Solar Energy pack are the most classic. They have an off-white main color (Ivory) combined with a black 3 stripes logo on the upper and a striking red soleplate.

The Adidas 2024 "Solar Energy" boot pack will be available from Tuesday, 16 January 2024.

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