De Bruyne Did Not Wear Adidas Samba Shoes

Important Update: De Bruyne did NOT wear Adidas Samba sneakers but the Santos leather sneakers from the Swedish brand Eytys. They look very similar to the Adidas Samba from the top, but have some small differences. The stripe doesn't make it to the leather around the eyelets, with a more angular cut of that eyelet. Thanks to our followers @Aroccable and David Hillier for making us aware.

Another picture of the meeting shows off the outstep of De Bruyne's boots, which boasts the Eytys logo.

It is now extremly unlikely that De Bruyne will actually leave Nike.

While out of action due to injury, Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne was spotted wearing Adidas Samba boots, making it look like De Bruyne is ending his relationship with Nike and preparing to sign a contract with Adidas. Big thanks to our follower Zain for the spot.

Kevin De Bruyne x Adidas Samba OG

At the end of November, De Bruyne appeared at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if De Bruyne wasn't wearing Adidas Samba OG shoes rather than Nike sneakers.

By wearing the Adidas Samba OG boots, it is likely that De Bruyne and Nike have ended their partnership and Adidas have stepped in to sign Bruyne.

Earlier, De Bruyne became the first male player to wear women's-led Phantom Luna boots.

In the past year, De Bruyne has been constantly injured and was unable to maintain his impressive form as before. Perhaps that's why Nike has not renewed his contract, as they have done with many other players.

Are you surprised that De Bruyne is the next player to leave Nike? Do you think Adidas is a good choice for De Bruyne? Comment below.