Adidas 2024 Pearlized Boots Pack Released - Predator Foldover Tongue Postponed Again

Update: The launch of the whiteout Adidas Predator Elite Foldover Tongue football boots has been again postponed. It will now be launched on Wednesday, February 21st, at 09:45 Berlin time, according to the Adidas website.

Update: The much-popular tongue version of the whiteout Adidas Predator 2024 football boots will be available from Monday, 12 February 2024. The laceless and low-top laced version are already available to buy now.

Adidas has officially launched its first whiteout collection in 2024 and it will still have a familiar name - Pearlized.

Adidas 2024 Pearlized Boots Pack

This photo shows the Adidas 2024 'Pearlized' boots collection.

The new Adidas 'Pearlized' 2024 boots collection is all white with newly designed Predator Copa Pure 2 and Predator 24 boots, while the X Crazyfast boots are reused from the 'Pearlized' 2023 collection.

Adidas X Crazyfast 2024 'Pearlized' - White/White/White

Check out the new Adidas X Crazyfast football shoes from the 'Pearlized' collection below.

The new Adidas X Crazfast 2024 'Pearlized' boots are repurposed from the 2023 'Pearlized' collection released in July 2023.

Adidas Predator 2024 'Pearlized' - White/White/White

This picture shows the Adidas Predator 2024 in all-white.

The whiteout Adidas Predator 2024 'Pearlized' boots are totally white, with only subtle differences between the different elements.

Adidas Copa Pure 2 'Pearlized' - White/White/Silver Met

Here are the new Adidas 'Pearlized' Copa Pure II boots.

The Adidas Copa Pure 2 'Pearlized' is, quite logically, almost completely white. What lets them stand out are metallic Three Stripes.

The Adidas 2024 Pearlized football boot pack are available from 30 January 2024.

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