Adidas Predator 2025 Sample Boots Leaked

Update: @bootsclean14 has revealed to us more pictures of the Adidas Predator 2025 elite (laces) boot.

Although the Adidas Predator 2024 boos have only just been released for a short time, The Boot Predator has provided us with images of the Predator sample boot, which could very well be the prototype Adidas Predator 2025 boot.

Adidas Predator 2025 Boots

Check out the new Adidas Predator 2025 sample cleats below.

The Adidas Predator 2025 boot is the successor to the Predator 2024 boot and has a relatively similar shoe form to the Predator 2024 with a slight change in design.

The most obvious difference is that the rubber pads on the Predator 2025 have been removed and replaced with small grooves with rubber spikes.

The Predator 2025 has a folding tongue in the same design as the Predator 2024 with the Adidas logo on one side and thin rubber pads on the other.

The 3 stripes on the body of the Predator 2025 shoe are shorter than on the Predator 2024 shoe.

However, this could also be the Predator 2024 prototype boots, before the final version is officially released

Do you think this is the next-generation Predator 2025 boot? Do you like the design of the Predator 2025 boot? Comment below.