Like With Messi - Adidas Have Beaten Nike to Sign Lamine Yamal

Adidas have beaten Nike to sign Barcelona's young star - Lamine Yamal - and will make him Adidas's top star for years to come, according to Relevo and @memorabilia1899.

Lamine Yamal x Adidas

During Barcelona's recent training session, Yamal ditched his Nike MDS 007s for Adidas X Crazyfast whiteout boots, proving the rumors of his Adidas switch to be true.

With Yamal's contract with Nike about to expire, giants Adidas, Puma, and New Balance are also looking to sign the young Spanish star to a new deal, while Nike is also keen to extend Yamal's contract. But in the end, Adidas beat them all to Yamal with a 'mega contract'.

According to Relevo, the official sponsorship deal between Adidas and Lamine Yamal will be officially announced in the coming days and will last for several years. Yamal will become one of Adidas' top ambassadors like Bellingham.

This is similar to how Adidas beat Nike to have the young star Messi in 2006. And then, as they say, history is made.

Do you think Adidas is a reasonable destination for young star Lamine Yamal? Do you think Yamal can develop in the same way as Messi? Comment below.