No More Adidas - New Balance Sao Paulo 2024 Away Kit Leaked

Images of São Paulo FC's new away shirt for 2024, the first by New Balance, were leaked hours before the official launch. The Tricolor's new away uniform will be revealed alongside the home jersey, which had already been leaked.

New Balance replaced Adidas as kit supplier of the Brazilian team at the start of 2024.

Sao Paulo 2024 Away Kit

This is the new NB Sao Paulo away jersey for 2024.

The New Balance São Paulo 2024 away jersey features the traditional vertical striped design with red and black stripes, separated by white lines.

The V-neck of the NB Sao Paulo 2024 away jersey is black with red edges, while the sleeves have a different scheme with an all-black upper part and a striped lower part. The back of the shirt is also completely striped, while the phrase "The story begins here" in gold can be seen at the back of the neck.

A stamp with the phrase "Made in Cotia – Athletes and citizens" is located at the bottom right of the New Balance São Paulo 2024 away football shirt.

Sao Paulo 2024 Home Kit

The New Balance Sao Paulo 2024 shirt has a classic look with various bespoke details inspired by the famous tricolor flag.

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The New Balance Sao Paulo 2024 away shirt is available to buy starting today, 18 January 2024.

Made by New Balance. Are you a fan of São Paulo FC's away shirt? Comment below.