No More Predator - Pedri Returns With Copa Pure Boots

In Barcelona's latest training session, young midfielder Pedri no longer wore Predator 24 shoes but returned to wearing Copa Pure prototype version shoes, showing that it is likely that Pedri will return to be the ambassador for the Adidas Copa boot.

Pedri x Adidas Copa Pure

Pedri wore the blackout prototype of the Copa Pure boot (the version still has the parallelogram logo on the side).

From his debut in 2020 until the end of 2022, Pedri wore Copa 20 boots, then Copa Sense, before becoming an ambassador for Predator boots at the start of 2023. But just one year after that, Pedri suddenly returned to wearing Copa Pure boots.

The fact that Pedri is wearing the Copa Pure prototype blackout boot is rather confusing, as Pedri could be wearing an official colorway of the Copa Pure shoe instead of the prototype version.

This could not just mean that Pedri wants to go back to wearing Copa Pure boots, but it could also mean that Pedri and Adidas have had a falling out and he wants to leave Adidas?

However, this is speculation and Footy Headlines cannot confirm this.

What do you think about Pedri wearing blackout Copa Pure prototype boots again? Do you think Pedri will leave Adidas?