Puma and FC Barcelona Move Closer to Agreement

Barcelona Football Club (Barça) and Puma are apparently closer to a deal for the German brand to become Barça's sponsor. This is reported by the local newspaper Sport.

Puma and Barcelona Closer to Agreement

According to Sport, negotiations have been ongoing and have intensified in recent weeks.

Puma's offer is €115 million plus bonuses worth €85 million, which is around €45 higher than Nike's current deal. The little details of the Puma deal would also be better than with Nike (e.g. commissions for sales).

However, before any agreement can be signed, Barça must first disassociate itself from Nike, which is a crucial point for Puma. Puma is also willing to negotiate a bonus if Barça breaks with Nike before the end of the contract, but it will not pay any compensation that the club would have to assume to break its link with Nike.

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