RUMORS: Cristiano Ronaldo Unhappy With Nike?

Despite being Nike's top ambassador and having signed a lifetime contract with the brand, it seems that recently, Cristiano Ronaldo has been unhappy with Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo Trains in Old Colorway Mercurial Boots

During a recent training session with Al Nassr, Ronaldo surprised and intrigued us when he returned to wearing the Mercurial Superfly 9 'Blast' - the old colorway of the 'Blast' collection that was released one year ago (January 16, 2023).

Not only that, but from August 2023 until now, Ronaldo has only worn the Mercurial Superfly 9 'Ready' boot and not the newly released shoes (Peak Ready collection and MDS 007). This is rather strange, as in the past Ronaldo has often been the first player to wear Nike's latest boots.

The strangest thing is that Ronaldo is not wearing Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 7 boots (the MDS boot line is inspired by Ronaldo's own design). In the past, Ronaldo was often the first player to wear MDS boots when they were released by Nike.

What is possibly most strange is that prototypes of the Dream Speed 7 soccer cleats featured a special CR7 badge on the rear instep, which was removed for the final product. It is not known why it was removed. The CR7 branding is still present on the insole.

Things got even weirder when Ronaldo returned to wearing Mercurial 'Blast' boots in 2024. This makes us wonder if Ronaldo is unhappy with Nike?

Recently, Nike announced that it plans to cut more costs in the future by saving $2 billion over the next 3 years. The latest move is that Nike has announced the end of its partnership with Tiger Woods after 27 years.

Although Ronaldo currently has a lifetime contract with Nike, is he part of Nike's upcoming cost-cutting plan? No one knows for sure.

Do you think Ronaldo is unhappy with Nike or does he just like wearing white Mercurials, which is why he is wearing the Superfly 9 'Blast' again? Leave your comments below.