Cristiano Ronaldo Has Not Yet Worn Nike MDS 007 Boots

Ronaldo continues to play brilliantly, scoring scoring goals to bring victory to Al Nassr, but the surprising thing is that he is still wearing the Superfly 9 'Ready' boots rather than the MDS 007 boots - shoes inspired by himself.

Ronaldo x Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 'Ready'

In the last match against Al Akhdoud Club, Ronaldo wore Nike Superfly 9 'Ready' shoes and scored twice. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 'Ready' shoes from 'Ready' collection was launched over 3 months ago.

Despite being the inspiration for the Nike MDS boot series, Ronaldo has yet to wear the Nike MDS 007 shoes more than 2 weeks after the launch.

Other Mercurial ambassadors such as Mbappe, Sane, Garnacho have all worn Nike MDS 007 boots.

Ronaldo has worn every previous Nike MDS from MDS 001 to MDS 006.

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