3 Options: Barcelona to "Stay With Nike, Sign With Puma, or Produce Kits In-House"

According to reports of the past few weeks, FC Barcelona is considering ending its long-standing partnership with Nike due to dissatisfaction with the terms of their contract. Now, FC Barcelona president Laporta has talked about the situation with the Catalan radio station RAC1.

Barça President Laporta: Three Options For Barcelona Kits - Nike, Puma or In-House

Joan Laporta confirmed that Barça is apparently considering ending its relationship with Nike.

"We are looking into it. We've been working together for just over 20 years, but at the moment it's difficult. Nike has not faced up to this. When we were told that competitors would pay us a lot more, they made an effort and we are grateful for that. But it's not enough," said the president.

It is a "situation that is not desirable because they do not replenish our equipment and competitors pay us double what Nike pays us". According to media reports, Barça receives around 155 million euros per season.

We are not ruling out making the kits ourselves

Laporta: "There are three options: Continue with Nike, take what the market offers us. And the third option would be to do it ourselves. We already make our own clothing and we are not ruling out this option, even if there are safer options that the market offers us."

In-House FC Barcelona Products

Footy Headlines believes that Laporta's statements are exaggerated, as the latest reports only suggest that Puma would pay up to 200 million Euros per season (Nike pays up to 155 million Euros per season). Producing jerseys in-house has proven not to bring as much money as a brand, as the manufacturer also pays for visibility, which leads to higher sales of the brand in general.

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