Exclusive: Adidas to Celebrate 20 Years of Euro 2004 With Remake

Adidas is set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Euro 2004 tournament held in Portugal with a special remake.

Adidas Euro 2004 Remake Coming in March 2024

According to information from Footy Headlines, the Adidas Euro 2004-2024 remake could feature one or more Euro 2004 kits, a Euro 2004 football boot, or a recreation of the official Adidas Euro 2004 match ball, the Roteiro.

1. Option: Adidas Euro 2004 Remake Kit

Adidas supplied the kits for six teams in the Euro 2004, including champions Greece. A direct remake of the Greece kit appears to be not possible, as Greece is sponsored by Nike currently. However, there still could be something in offer from Adidas.

2. Option: Adidas Euro 2004 Remake Boots

For the Euro 2004, Adidas released the Predator Pulse plus the first-ever F50 football boot.

3. Option: Adidas Euro 2004 Remake Ball

The final option would be a remake of the famous Roteiro Euro 2004 football. The Roteiro has never been brought back so far. Some months ago, Adidas brought back the 2002 World Cup ball, but just in a futsal version.

The Adidas Euro 2004 remake is scheduled to be already released in March 2024.

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