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St. Louis City Player Wears Adidas Kit Without Crest

It is not only Castore who are facing problems with kits. Macron's Crystal Palace kit got lost of logos last weekend, and now Adidas also faced a logo accident.

St. Louis City's Klauss Wears Adidas Kit Without Club Logo in First Half of MLS Match

St. Louis City FC player João Klauss faced an unexpected problem during the match against Real Salt Lake last weekend. He was seen wearing a kit without the club crest in the first half. It is unclear how the crest came off.

The problem was solved quickly as Klauss got a new shirt for the second half. This time with the club crest, of course.

The St. Louis City kit without the crest looks strange and ugly because it is totally dominated by sponsors. No crest practically means that it just looks like a cheap shirt that was given for free by companies.

However, the issue was resolved in the second half when Klauss was given a new kit with the crest.