Disastrous: Crystal Palace Kit Loses Logos In Premier League

Crystal Palace secured a 3-0 victory against Burnley yesterday. However, while it was a perfect match for the London club, it was not for Crystal Palace's kit. Thanks to Vietnamese football equipment experts Chuyện Áo Đấu for the spot.

Logos of Mateta's Crystal Palace Kit Come Off

The logos of Jean-Philippe Mateta's shirt peeled off during the Crystal Palace vs Burnley match. It happened during the last minutes of the game - everything appeared to be fine when Mateta scored the third goal of Palace with a penalty in the 79th minute.

It all was fine in the 79th minute
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The Crystal Palace 2023-24 kits are made by Macron, who is actually known for their high-quality products. However, now both the Crystal Palace crest and the sponsor logo came off, while the Macron hero perfectly stayed in place. This is a sure indicator that the sponsor and crest have been applied faulty.

Macron does only offer one version of the shirt, with fans getting the same as players. There is no replica/authentic as with the big brands.

It seems likely that Mateta's faulty shirt has been a one-off error by Macron, as we have never spotted it before with the Italian brand.

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