Having Castore as a Kit Supplier Is a Nightmare

It has been relatively quiet about Castore in the past few weeks, especially compared to the reports about sweat problems with Aston Villa's kits and ripping shirts some months ago. However, Castore is far from having solved its problems.

Castore Has Not Yet Fixed Problems Yet

Since the beginning of the year 2024, we have come across several new problems with the Castore kits and the order management of the brand.

Castore Kits Keep Ripping

It is nothing new, but Castore kits are still ripping. This is only logical as the teams continue to use the shirts provided by Castore ahead of the season.

An odd rip happened to Anthony Gordon some weeks ago when his opponent caught a little yet long part of his Newcastle Castore jersey.

Logos of Castore Kits Come Off

Castore's problems do not stop with ripping kits. Another funny incident happened when Feyenoord's Santiago Giménez lost the badge of his kit, with only the star surviving.

Castore Has Problems Fulfilling Orders Correctly

Castore's latest big problem is that the brand apparently makes a mess of orders. People are reporting that they get wrongly printed shirts delivered - one fan even claims that he got four Hall shirts instead of the one he ordered.

Castore Teams (Have to) Sell Kits With Heavy Discount

What is not solely a thing with Castore kits is that the shirts are already offered at a huge discount. Wolves is selling its kits for 50% off, while Newcastle even gives you 70% off the 23-24 third kit.

Another incident was when an Atheltic Bilbao fan spotted a Sevilla label attached to an Atheltic jacket.

Will Castore Fix the Problems For the 24-25 Season?

Aston Villa and Newcastle say goodbye to Castore.

Perhaps the most important question now is whether Castore will manage to solve the problems with its kits and store management for the 2024-2025 season. While the problem with the torn kits should be solved by next season (if Castore takes it seriously), the recent problems with the correct fulfillment of orders do not give hope for any good.

At least Castore kits perform on the pitch, with Bayer Leverkusen having an incredible season wearing Castore, just like Aston Villa.

Have you had good or bad experiences with Castore? Do you think Castore will be able to turn things around? Let us know in the comments below.