First-Ever Adidas Kings League Ball Released

Adidas has released the first-ever bespoke football for the Kings League, the seven-a-side football league in Barcelona established in 2022 by Gerard Piqué.

Adidas 2024 Kings League Football - White / Yellow / Black

The Adidas 2024 Kings League ball features a striking color scheme of white, black, and yellow, paying homage to the tournament's logo. The design is the same as for the Conext 24, Adidas' streamlined ball for 2024.

Adidas Conext 24 Pro Football - White / Black / Pink / Orange

Tech-wise, the Adidas 2024 Kings League ball is the same as the Euro 2024/Conext 24 footballs.

Adidas 2024 Queens League Ball

In addition to the Kings League ball, Adidas has also introduced a companion ball for the Queens League, the equivalent competition for women. Oddly, this one is only available to buy in the cheaper League version.

The Adidas Kings League football is available for the same prices as the Euro 2024 football - 150 Euro for the top version (Pro), 40 Euro for the third-tier League edition, and 15 Euro for the Mini variant.

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