Freiburg to Play With Away Kit at Home to Help Players with Red-Green Color Blindness

German Bundesliga SC Freiburg will play in its white away shirts in its upcoming game against VfB Stuttgart to help players with red-green color blindness differentiate between the two teams.

Freiburg to Play Away Kit at Home to Help Red-Green Colorblind Players

This decision was taken after Freiburg coach Christian Streich revealed that some of his players have difficulty distinguishing between red and green colors. The team had previously worn yellow shirts for the same reason.

Freiburg's home kit clashes both wth Stuttgart's home and away kits, so Stuttgart can only wear its green kit.

Statistics show that almost one in ten men suffer from color vision deficiency, while the same is true for only 0.8 percent of women. By swapping shirts, Streich aims to ensure that everyone on the pitch can concentrate on the game without any confusion.

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