German Bundesliga Extremely Fair: Football Kit Sleeve Badges - Price Comparison

Football shirts are much better with official badges as they are more similar to the shirts worn on the pitch. However, the sleeve badges don't come for free. Footy Headlines has analyzed how much the official sleeve badges cost in the top leagues.

Football Kit Sleeve Badge Prices

The German Bundesliga is by far the fairest league when it comes to sleeve badge prices - Gladbach and Heidenheim sell the official sleeve badge for a very moderate 2.50 euros. Serie A teams, on the other hand, are the greediest when it comes to sleeve badges - Milan charges 13 euros for the sleeve badge alone, which is more than 5 times as expensive as Gladbach.

Athletic Bilbao charges 5 Euro for the La Liga badge, while Barcelona and Madrid want double that

The teams in the other top leagues sell the sleeve badges for 5-10 euros, putting them in the middle between the Bundesliga and Serie A.

If you want the same badge as Premier League teams, there is a "downside". Since the Premier League teams are wearing the No Room For Racism badge, you have to pay for two sleeve badges. Liverpool charges you 14 euros for both.

One reason for the different prices is the procurement costs - the Bundesliga sleeve badge is certainly the cheapest for the clubs, so it can be sold at a very moderate price. This is confirmed when you try to buy the sleeve badge through independent retailer Subside Sports - the Bundesliga badge costs just 5 euros, while the Serie A badge costs 10 euros.

Golden season, golden badges

However, a look at the Champions League badges confirms that the Bundesliga teams are the fairest to the fans - they sell the Champions League badges for just 8 euros, while the Serie A teams and Real Madrid charge almost double that at 15 euros.

Nike pricing makes no sense

Nevertheless, Nike's pricing is probably the strangest. Nike charges a whopping 20 euros for sleeve badges alone. However, you can get a player print with the badges, and it still costs 20 euros. It also costs you 20 euros without the sleeve badge. Illogical.

Adidas and Puma are not selling badges online, which is sad for football kit aficionados.

Football Sleeve Badge Prices

  • Premier League: around 8 Euro - Plus "No Room For Racism" Badge 14 Euro
  • Bundesliga: Standard (2,50-4 Euro)/Champions (5 Euro)
  • La Liga: 5 Euro (Athletic Bilbao) - 10 Euro (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
  • Serie A: 8 Euro (Monza) - 13 Euro (Milan)
  • Ligue 1: 6 Euro - 8 Euro (PSG)
  • Champions League: 8 Euro (Bayern, BVB) - 15 Euro (Milan, Napoli, Real Madrid)
  • MLS: 10 US Dollar - Badges only available with authentic kits
  • Nike: 20 Euro just for badges, but also 20 euros for badges and font

The Bundesliga is also the best when it comes to custom badges for special kits in the top European leagues. Bundesliga allows for custom - blackout badges for blackout kits, for example.

Do you prefer to have sleeve badges for your shirts? What do you think of Nike selling sleeve badges for 20 euros? Let us know in the comments below.