Portland Timbers End Corporate Partnership With Dabella

After just one match with their new front-of-shirt sponsor, the Portland Timbers immediately ended their partnership with DaBella following allegations of misconduct by DaBella.

Portland Timbers End Corporate Partnership With Dabella

According to the latest announcement, the Portland Timbers have terminated their partnership with DaBella (with immediate effect) due to DaBella's allegations of misconduct at the company included in a court filing that was made public on 23 February.

The Timbers and a third-party firm conducted a thorough pre-deal vetting process, and the club did not learn of the filing until Feb. 27.

The end of the DaBella partnership ensures Timbers' responsibility to their fans to transparently reflect and uphold the values and expectations of the community.

New sponsor DaBella has only appeared in one recent match between Portland Timbers and Colorado Rapids.

New Portland Timbers Front-of-Kit Prediction

Following the end of the DaBella partnership, Timbers fan

Jonah Henderson (@JonahNHenderson) predicted the names that could become the Portland Timbers' new front-of-kit sponsor.

The area on the front of the Portland Timbers shirt could be empty for the rest of the season if they don't find a new sponsor.

Or maybe they'll put 'Timbers' on it as a backup solution. That would be very appropriate for their third shirt in 2024.

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