Adidas 2024 Kit Font Released

Update: Confirming the leak, the Adidas 2024 kit font has been officially released. It is used by all Adidas-sponsored nations, except for Germany and Spain, who got an exclusive font, respectively.

The new streamlined Adidas 2024 kit font will be seen at Euro 2024 and the 2024 Copa America.

Adidas Euro 2024 Font

The new Adidas 2024 typeface has a soft, modern design that is completely different from the angular 2022 World Cup font. The rondel look matches the overall appearance of the shirts with their streamlined panels.

For the back numbers, Adidas added ventilation holes for better breathability. The federation crest sits on the lower part of the numbers.

Spain Euro 2024 Kit Font - Exclusive

Germany Euro 2024 Kit Font - Exclusive

The new Germany Euro 2024 typeface has a 3D design and is larger and more angular than the bespoke Germany World Cup 2022 typeface.

The new Adidas 2024 font was released on 14 March, coinciding with the launch of the Adidas 2024 national team kits.

Do you like the new Adidas 2024 font? Is it better than the Adidas World Cup 2022 font? Comment below.