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Jamaica Vibes: Adidas Originals Bayern München 2024 Collection Released

Adidas has just launched the Original 2024 Bayern Munich collection with a design full of Jamaican vibes.

Adidas Originals Bayern München 2024 Collection

The new Adidas Originals Bayern München 24 collection is a combination of yellow, beige and green: T-shirt and jacket are yellow beige, shorts and pants are green.

The Originals FC Bayern 2024 collection includes: T-shirt, anthem jacket, shorts and pants.


The Adidas Bayern Munich 2024 T-shirt has a beige-yellow main color combined with a dark green collar and cuffs.

The three stripes on the shoulders, Trefoil logo and Bayern crest are all black.

Anthem Jacket

The Adidas Bayern Munich 2024 anthem jacket has the same colors as their Originals 2024 T-shirt.

The Adidas FC Bayern München 2024 anthem jacket has a design style with Jamaican vibes.



Adidas Originals Bayern Munich 2024 Collection is priced from 55-100 EUR.

Made by Adidas. Do you like the Originals Bayern Munich 2024 collection? Comment below.