Adidas to Go For FC Barcelona?

After losing Germany to Nike (in 2027), Adidas could hit back and sign a deal with Nike-sponsored FC Barcelona. This is reported by Barcelona shirt collector and insider @memorabilia1899

FC Barcelona Kit Insider: Adidas Could Join Race to Make Barcelona Kit

According to @memorabilia1899, Adidas intends to join the race to become Barcelona's kit maker and is planning to propose a long-term partnership with FC Barcelona.

The current Nike FC Barcelona deal is valid until 2028, but there have been tensions between Nike and the club. 105 million euros go into FC Barcelona's coffers every year, for a total of 1.05 billion euros.

Footy Headlines Opinion - Loose Info, May Be Spread By Club to Increase Pressure on Nike

The short statement by @memorabilia1899 is very loose and could also be spread by the club to increase pressure on Nike. It seems very unlikely that Adidas would be willing to pay more than the 105 million Euro Nike pays Barcelona. Since Nike signed the deal with the Catalan club in 2018, FC Barcelona has been experiencing a downfall.

Do you think it is a real option for Adidas to make Barcelona's kits? Could Nike then go for Real Madrid? Let us know in the comments below.