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Partly Ban Incoming? Unique Nike Norway 2024 Kit Font Released

The official home and away kits for Norway's national football team for the year 2024 have been available to buy since today. Along with the kits comes a unique font design. Big thanks to @CheGiaevara and @Niuzekor for the images.

Unique Norway 2024 Kit Font - Inspired by Runen
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Unique Norway 2024 Kit Font - Inspired by Runen

The Nike Norway 2024 kit font is inspired by Runen, which is a letter in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets native to the Germanic peoples.

The font has a truly extraordinary look, but it is also hard to read. However, it seems very unlikely that FIFA will ban the names and/or numbers on the kits for that reason.

This is because the runic-inspired names and numbers are still Latin characters (which is required by FIFA). Additionally, and possibly even more importantly, FIFA did not ban the Adidas 2018 World Cup kit typeface, which was also challenging to read.

Adidas 2018 World Cup Font - Badly Readable, Bit Allowed

Still, it seems that a partial alteration (or call it "ban") is certain for the home font. The font has numbers split in half in blue and half in white, which is forbidden by FIFA rules. FIFA says that names and numbers must be of one single color. In case you missed it - FIFA also forbid the duo-color City font in the 2023 Club World Cup.

Full FIFA Equipement Rules

The unique Nike Norway 2024 kit font is not available via the Nike website but only in physical stores in Norway and via the official Norway partner, Unisportstore. The Nike Norway 2024 kit has been a big hit on social media.

Unique Norway 2024 Kit Font - Inspired by Runen
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What do you think of the Nike Norway 2024 kit font? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to study the official FIFA Kit Regulations.