FC Barcelona Has Canceled Nike Deal, President Says

FC Barcelona has broken its contract with Nike due to non-compliance, according to President Joan Laporta.

Barcelona Terminates Nike Deal, Nike Responds with Precautionary Measures to Prevent the Termination

In the first episode of the club's brand-new podcast, Laporta stated that Nike had failed to meet their obligations, leading the club to terminate the contract. However, Nike responded by taking precautionary measures to prevent the termination.

Nike wants to prevent the termination

Laporta revealed that the club is currently considering three options for its new kit maker: Nike, its competitors (Adidas or Puma), and FC Barcelona's own brand, BLM.

Laporta mentioned that Nike had made efforts to improve the contract, but they were insufficient as the market would be offering better deals. He emphasized that the club's responsibility is to secure the best contract possible and that continuing with Nike on a below-market contract is not in the club's best interest.

No specific deadline has been mentioned for making a decision on the new supplier.

Nike will certainly make the FC Barcelona 2024-25 kits

The FC Barcelona 2024-25 kits will certainly still be made by Nike. For all future seasons, things seem more uncertain than ever before Nike.

Do you think Nike will say goodbye to FC Barcelona now? Do you believe Barcelona will find a supplier paying more than Nike (around 105 million euros/year)? Let us know in the comments below.