UEFA Won't Release New Super Cup Logo

After unveiling new logos for two of UEFA's 24-25 club competitions (Europa League and Conference League), one would expect UEFA to update the Super Cup logo as well. However, UEFA will retain the current UEFA Super Cup logo for 2024.

UEFA revealed the official 2024 Super Cup branding with the start of ticket sales for the 2024 Warsaw UEFA Super Cup on 9 April 2024.

2024 UEFA Super Cup Warsaw Logo

The 2024 UEFA Super Cup logo features the well-known metallic silver Super Cup branding with a metallic-turquoise Warsaw 2024 logo next to it.

When comparing the UEFA Super Cup logo with those of UEFA's three other main Men's club competitions, it becomes obvious that the UEFA Super Cup logo does not match the others, which all have a flat design.

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The current UEFA Super Cup logo was launched in 2013. In the first years, UEFA mainly used a variant with blue and green, while most lately, it has been all silver.

UEFA Super Cup Logo Concept

The UEFA Super Cup logo concept is inspired by the logos of the UEFA's other competition logos. It features a 2D design in the shape of a Super Cup trophy combined with a blue circular border on the outside.

It would perfectly match those of the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League.

UEFA 2024-2025 Champions League, Europa League & Conference League Logos

The UEFA 24-25 club competitions logos stay in line with the previous brandings. The logo of the most important competition remains unchanged - the Champions League is the same as before.

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