UEFA 24-25 Club Competition Logos Revealed - Champions League Stays Same, Others Change

Today, UEFA explained the new format of the 2024-25 UEFA club competitions with a new video. In it, we get a look at the UEFA 24-25 club competitions logos - two have been updated.

UEFA 2024-2025 Champions League, Europa League & Conference League Logos

The UEFA 24-25 club competitions logos stay in line with the previous brandings. The logo of the most important competition remains unchanged - the Champions League is the same as before.

UEFA updates both the Europa League and (Europa) Conference League logos. For the Conference League, UEFA also ditches the Europa - the logical acronym is now UCL, the same as for the Champions League. We do not expect UEFA to use the acronym UCL for the Conference League.

The visual identity of the 2024-2025 Champions League is fairly similar to the current one, if not identical. Meanwhile, both the Europa League and Conference League could become much more colorful from the 2024-2025 season - at least the below images from the February draw suggest it (via @FootRankings).

Champions League 2024-25 Logo - Old Name, Old Logo

The UEFA Champions Logo remains the same. This surely makes sense - the logo is one of the most recognizable in the game. Additionally, UEFA has changed the format a lot, so an updated logo/branding would have been an unneeded potential risk.

Europa League 2024-25 - Old Name, New Logo

The new Europa League logo retains the same color as the old one. The changes are the orange border on the outside (now angular) and the Europa League cup shape on the inside.

UEFA Conference League 2024-25 - Updated Name, New Logo

The Europa is scrapped from the UEFA Europa Conference League, which simply becomes the "UEFA Conference League". The competition was internally named "Europa League 2" before becoming official as the Europa Conference League.

Do you like that UEFA keeps the Champions League logo but updates the other two? Let us know in the comments below.