Adidas Campeon 25 2025-26 Teamwear Kit Leaked

We are not even into the 2024-25 kit release season, but Adidas, of course, has already prepared for 2025. Now we can show off the first teamwear kit from Adidas for 2025, the Adidas Campeon 25.

Adidas Campeon 25 Teamwear Shirt

The Adidas Campeon 25 teamwear kit is set to debut in November 2024. It will be worn by smaller Adidas-affiliated teams. The first teams will use it in early 2025 and many more in the 2025-26 season.

The Adidas Campeon 25 teamwear kit features a no-nonsense design and colors. The kit boasts subtle stripes on the left side and incorporates the signature Adidas stripes into its shoulder panels.

Smaller Adidas teams will surely make use of the no-nonsense design

Adidas offers at least seven colors for the Campeon 25 teamwear kit.

The Adidas Campeon 25 teamwear will be available for purchase starting in November 2024 for 50 USD.

Do you like the Adidas Campeon 25 teamwear kit? Which smaller Adidas teams could you imagine wearing it? Let us know in the comments below.