Futuristic Nike Football Boot Concepts Revealed - Haaland, Vinicius Jr, Kerr & Mbappé

Nike last week did not only reveal its 2024 Olympics footwear collection (Blueprint Pack), but also a set for futuristic concept footwear.

Nike A.I.R. (Athlete Imagined Revolution) Footwear Concepts

The futuristic Nike footwear concepts are called A.I.R., which stands for Athlete Imagined Revolution. They are "tailor-made for elite athletes like Kylian Mbappé, Vinicius Jr., and Victor Wembanyama" and were created using generative AI tools and advanced 3D rendering.

Nike did not only show off sketches of the concepts but also real-life 3D models of them. The 3D models have probably been made using 3D printing technology.

In total, Nike showcased 13 futuristic Air footwear concepts, including four football boots. While some look close to what could become an actual product, others certainly need a lot of tweaking to become a product that works in real life.

Nike A.I.R. Football Boots

Nike A.I.R. Kylian Mbappé Prototype

Inspired by Mbappé's ridiculous speed, the Nike Kylian Mbappé A.I.R. prototypes remind us of sprinting shoes rather than football boots. How should you play with these?

Nike A.I.R. Erling Haaland Prototype

Erling Haaland's A.I.R. prototype football boots have a similar lace cover as the Nike Phantom Vision. They already look like what could be an actual product.

Nike A.I.R. Sam Kerr Prototype

We have no idea why, but the Nike A.I.R. Sam Kerr soccer cleat is upside down. If it is because of the Australia upside-down meme, it's an idea of horror for us.

Apart from being upside-down, the Sam Kerr boots are similar to the Nike Phantom Vision cut and the Nike Magista upper-wise (see the dots in the front).

Nike A.I.R. Vinicius Jr Prototype

The Nike A.I.R. Vinicius Jr soccer shoes look like a futuristic version of the Mercurial boots.

According to Nike, the reveal marks the beginning of a "supercycle" of innovation around Air technology, aiming to reimagine the technology with more performance and personal expression.

What do you think of Nike's prototypes? Which do you think will be similar to an actual product? Let us know in the comments below.