24-25 Long Sleeve Kits

In recent years, brands have paid more attention to long-sleeved jerseys. In response to player and fan demand, Adidas and Puma have released long-sleeved versions of their teams for the 24-25 season.

24-25 Long Sleeve Kits

Currently, Adidas has released 24-25 long-sleeve kits for Arsenal, Bayern München and Celtic (Lyon has released their 24-25 home kit but not have a long sleeve version). Unfortunately it is only available as a replica version.

In the 23-24 season, the long sleeve Adidas 24-25 club kits are also only available in replica versions. Only Manchester United and Real Madrid have long sleeve versions.

As for Puma, they have released an authentic version of the long-sleeved Manchester City & Milan 24-25 home shirt.

24-25 Short-Sleeve vs Long-Sleeve Kit

Adidas Arsenal 24-25 Home Long Sleeve Kit

Adidas Bayern München 24-25 Home Long Sleeve Kit

Adidas Celtic 24-25 Home Long Sleeve Kit

Puma Milan 24-25 24-25 Home Long Sleeve Kit

Puma Manchester City 24-25 Home Long Sleeve Kit

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