Dortmund 24-25 Goalkeeper Kits Released

Together with the new BVB 24-25 home kit, Dortmund's new 2024-2025 goalkeeper shirt was released today. It is made by Puma and will be worn in next season's Bundesliga campaign.

Dortmund 24-25 Goalkeeper Kit - Olive

Check out Puma's olive Dortmund 2024-25 goalkeeper football shirt below.

The Puma Dortmund 2024-25 goalkeeper jersey is based on the new streamlined Puma 24-25 keeper shirt with custom colors.

The Olive Puma Borussia Dortmund 24-25 goalkeeper jersey is olive green with yellow logos and applications. The yellow color looks fluo-yellow on the product images but standard yellow in the Kobel picture. We expect the fluo-yellow to be the correct color.

Dortmund 24-25 Goalkeeper Kit - Alpine Snow

This is the beige BVB 24-25 goalkeeper shirt, made by Puma.

The second Puma Borussia Dortmund 24-25 goalkeeper football shirt is not a bespoke colorway but is based on the standard colorway. It is "Alpine Snow" with orange logos.

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The Puma BVB 24-25 goalkeeper jersey has been available since May 17, retailing at 90 Euro.

Dortmund Puma Home Shirt 2024-25
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