Etihad to Sign Next Team of "City Football Group"

Spanish club Girona FC, owned by the City Football Group, is set to sign a sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways. The upcoming agreement can be seen on an image of the soon-to-be-released Girona 24-25 home kit.

Girona to Sign Main Sponsorship Deal with Etihad Airways

The deal with Etihad Airways will make Girona the fourth team in the City Football Group portfolio to profit from sponsorship from the airline, following in the footsteps of Manchester City, New York City FC, and Melbourne City FC.

The deal comes at an exciting time for Girona, as the team is poised to make its debut in the UEFA Champions League next season.

The City Football Group, which owns a diverse array of clubs around the globe, includes twelve teams in total. Four of them are sponsored by Etihad Airways, while the others have kept their sponsors (so far) or have no sponsors.

City Football Group - Main Sponsors

  • Manchester City - Etihad Airways
  • New York City FC - Etihad Airways
  • Melbourne City FC - Etihad Airways
  • FC Girona - Etihad Airways
  • FC Palermo - Old Wild West
  • Yokohama F. Marinos - Nissan
  • Montevideo City Torque - USN/No Sponsor
  • Sichuan Jiuniu - No Sponsor
  • Mumbai City FC - Stake
  • Lommel SK - AppSys ICT Group
  • ES Troyes AC - LCR - Les Constructeurs Réunis
  • EC Bahia - Esporte da Sorte

City Football Group - Teams

The City Football Group's deals have been scrutinized due to their high value and obvious relations with their Abu Dhabi owners. Both Etihad and the City Football Group are majorly owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, via the Abu Dhabi United Group.

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