Amazing Adidas Germany Euro 2024 Pre-Match Jersey + Reversible Anthem Jacket Released

The Adidas Germany pre-match and anthem football shirts were released. They are made by Adidas and will be worn for the warmup before games in the Euro 2024.

Germany Euro 2024 Pre-match Shirt

This is the new Adidas DFB pre-match jersey for the Euro 2024.

The Adidas Germany Euro 2024 pre-match jersey boasts a stunning design taking elements of the 2024 home shirt.

The Adidas DFB Euro 2024 pre-match jersey is black with the one-of-a-kind gradient design from the home shirt sleeves on the front.

The DFB crest is placed in the center, while the Adidas logo has moved on both sleeves. This makes it more modern and makes it more different from regular kits.

Germany Euro 2024 Anthem Jacket

This is the Germany Euro 2024 anthem football jacket made by Adidas.

Like in 2022, the Adidas DFB Euro 2024 anthem jacket is reversible. The outside almost exactly matches the home kit, while the inside features the colors of the purple away shirt.

Long-Sleeve Germany 2024 Home Kit vs Anthem Jacket

Unfortunately, the sleeves of the Adidas Germany Euro 2024 anthem jacket only have the tricolor gradient on the upper part, unlike for the long-sleeve home kit.

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DFB's new Euro 2024 pre-match jersey is available for 70 euros, while the reversible anthem jacket retails at 120 euros.

What do you make of the Euro 2024 DFB pre-match and anthem jerseys by Adidas? Comment below.