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If Real Madrid Went LASK For 24-25 Kits

Recently, Austrian football club LASK launched its 24-25 kits, again featuring the colors of its sponsors in addition to the club's classic colors. What if Real Madrid also included the sponsor logo colors on its 24-25 kits?

We teased our Madrid x LASK idea with an image of the Madrid 24-25 home kit - many thought it was related to Bayern Munich being beaten by Madrid, but it's actually rooted in Austria.

Real Madrid 24-25 Kits "Made By Sponsors", Inspired by Austrian Club LASK

Real Madrid currently has two main sponsors in addition to Adidas: Fly Emirates as the front-of-shirt sponsor and HP as the shirt sleeve sponsor.

We've changed the Real Madrid 24-25 home and third kit to the Fly Emirates signature colors (red/white) and the away kit to the HP signature colors (sky blue/white).

Real Madrid 24-25 Home Kit - Edit to Match Emirates Colors

Option 1

For our first edit, we changed the colors of the sleeves, as done by LASK.

Option 2

Taking the Emirates inspiration further, our second Real Madrid 24-25 home kit edit ditches all the black for a white/red look.

Real Madrid Home Shirt 2024-25
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Real Madrid 24-25 Away Kit - Edit to match HP colors

The Real Madrid 24-25 away kit has a striking orange - our edit keeps the bright look, but this time in HP's blue color.

Real Madrid 24-25 Third Kit - Edit to Match Emirates Colors

Madrid will release a grey-beige-colored third kit. Our edit of the Real Madrid 24-25 third kit is red/white, perfectly matching the colors of Emirates.

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Could you ever imagine big teams to use the colors of their sponsors for their kits? What do you think of the Real Madrid 24-25 kits with colors to match the sponsors? Comment below.