Adidas and Nike Dominate Top 15 FIFA National Teams

On June 20th, the FIFA Men’s World Rankings were updated. We take a look at the brands of the Top 15 national teams - thanks to English football channel The92Bible (@The92Bible) for the base of the infographic.

FIFA June 2024 Men's Rankings - Kit Brands of Top 15 Teams

The Top 15 FIFA national teams showcase a strong dominance by sportswear giants Adidas and Nike. Nike supplies 8 teams, while Adidas has 6 teams. Puma is represented by a single team, Morocco. Smaller brands are entirely absent from this elite group.

Portugal will switch to Puma in 2025, Germany is only placed rank 16

However, there will be changes in the kit makers of the top national teams soon. Puma managed to sign Portugal, with the contract becoming effective in 2025. Uruguay could again switch suppliers after the 2024 Copa America, as the deal with Nike is only valid for the span of the tournament.

The German national team is absent from the Top 15 national teams, placed in position 16th. You can check out the full FIFA National Team Ranking on FIFA's website.

Are you surprised by the heavy dominance of Adidas and Nike on the international stage? Let us know in the comments below.