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Spain Euro 2024 Kit Sleeve Badge Placement is a Nightmare

If you watched the Spain vs Croatia Euro 2024 match today, you might have noticed badly aligned badges for Spain. But why exactly is this the case?

The 3 stripes of Adidas are off-center to the front for better visibility from the front

The root of the problem lies in the alignment of the Adidas three stripes and the placement of the sleeve badges.

Misalignment Issues Due to Off-Center 3 Stripes

In Spain's and all other Adidas kits, the Adidas three stripes are positioned off-center towards the front of the sleeve. This unconventional placement clashes with the badges, which the kitmen have applied centrally on the sleeve. The result is a visually jarring misalignment that makes the entire sleeve design appear off-kilter. However, there would have been an easy solution for Spain's kitmen.

Comparison with Other Adidas National Teams

Other national teams have handled this design element far better:

Italy's kit perfectly integrates the sleeve badges with the off-center three stripes, maintaining a cohesive and balanced look. For Italy, the badges came off, but that is another story.

Meanwhile, with Germany's white-on-white 3 stripes at the lower part it is hard to see if it was executed perfectly, but Germany's badge placement looks much more harmonious compared to Spain's.

More Issues with Spain's Kit Badges

There have been other problems with Spain's kit badges. On Alvaro Morata's kit, for instance, the UEFA Foundation badge is notably misplaced, exacerbating the overall disorganized appearance of the sleeve.

For us, the sleeve badge placement on Spain's Euro 2024 kit is a visual disappointment. While other teams have managed to navigate the challenge of integrating the off-center Adidas three stripes with fitting off-center sleeve badges effectively, Spain's kitmen have failed to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result.

Should Spain have placed the badges differently? Let us know in the comments below.