Should This Have Been Spain's Euro 2024 Away Kit?

Adidas have released some impressive and unique 2024 pre-match kits for their national teams this year. After the DFB, we once again ask whether the Spain 2024 pre-match kit should become their 2024 away kit. Thanks to @hendocfc & @TheShirtUnion.

Adidas Pre-Match Shirts 2024
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Spain 2024 Away Concept Kit - Based on 2024 Pre-Match Shirt

This picture shows a fictional look of the new Spain 2024 away jersey by @hendocfc.

The Spain 2024 away kit concept by @hendocfc is based on their 2024 pre-match kit, with the Adidas logo added to the right chest like the regular kit.

Clearly, the Spain 2024 pre-match kit has an innovative design and will be their perfect 2024 away kit.

Spain 2024 Pre-Match Kit

The Adidas Spain 2024 pre-match jersey is royal blue with a red/yellow/red stripe down the center of the shirt to represent the Spanish flag.

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Would you like the Spain 2024 pre-match shirt to be their 2024 away shirt? Comment below.