New Cagliari Calcio Crest Revealed

The new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Crest highlights the strong connection of Sardinia and Cagliari. Nicknamed the Isolani (Islanders), Cagliari Calcio are the main club from Sardinia.

Officially released today, the new Cagliari Calcio Logo is set to be used for the new Kappa Cagliari 15-16 Kits.

Cagliari Calcio 2015 Logo

This is the new Cagliari crest.

The new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Logo boasts the iconic Four Moors (I quattro mori in Italian), the official flag of Sardinia. The four moors feature a simplified design with Cagliari's iconic color blue and are turned to the right for the first time. Like the flag of Sardinia, the new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Crest composes the four moors with the St. George Cross.

Cagliari's new crest incorporates the lettering Cagliari and the iconic navy-and-red halves of the Cagliari Home Kit. It comes with a modern shape, which draws inspiration from the previous logo.

Compared to the previous Cagliari Calcio logo, the new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Crest comes without the club's foundation date and the lettering Calcio, while it swaps golden details for white applications.

The new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Crest is designed to highlight the origin of Cagliari Calcio with a bold design. What do you think of the new Cagliari Calcio 2015 Crest? Drop us a line below.