Adidas X 15 Menace Pack Released

This is anything but expected. Adidas today introduced the Adidas X 15 Menace Pack, which brings a stunning graphic pattern to the custom Mi Adidas X 15.1 Soccer Cleats.

In fact, the first pictures of the Adidas X 15 Menace Pack Football Boots were already leaked two months ago. Labeled as Adidas X 'Meteor Shower' Prototype Boots at that time, it was expected that Adidas would never release the unique Adidas X 2015-2016 Boots. But now things have ultimately changed.

Mi Adidas X 15 Menace Pack

Close-up picture of the unique Mi Adidas X Menace Pack Graphic Print.

The Adidas X 15 Menace Pack Soccer Boots boast a striking upper graphic that is designed to create chaos. Mirroring the design of a Meteor Shower, the unique print covers the entire upper of the custom Mi Adidas X Boots.

The Adidas X 15 Menace Pack Print is available in four different colors (Solar Yellow / Black, Blue Beauty / Silver, Scarlet / Silver, Solar Orange / Black), while the other parts of the mi Adidas X Cleats can be customized as usual.

It's now possible to create almost an endless number of different mi Adidas X Boots. Players can also select from two different Accent Graphics as well as choosing a clean upper without any graphic print.

Things are cleared up now finally. The leaked Adidas X Meteor Shower Boots were in fact the custom Adidas Menace Boots, and players have now finally the possibility to create their own Adidas X 'Meteor Shower' Soccer Boots using Adidas customization service miadidas.

Awesome designs. What do you think of the new Adidas X 15 Menace Pack? Let us know in the comments below.