Yugoslavia vs Soviet Union | Badges, Kits and Squads

This is a classy collaboration, brought together by Paladar Negro. There are states and football teams that existed in the past and do not exist anymore. Yugoslavia and Soviet Union are two of such cases. Which players would play for each team and what would be their kits and badge look like today?

While Yugoslavia never won any European Championship or a World Cup, the Soviet Union was crowned European Champions in 1960 when they won the first-ever UEFA European Championship against Yugoslavia. However, both teams had many outstanding performances in the World Cup and European Championship, despite the fact that they only managed to win one tournament.

Yugoslavia vs Soviet Union - Badges

Badges created by French designer Edouard Allegret.

Yugoslavia vs Soviet Union - Line-Ups

Line-Ups and Squads created by @fanasdelvodka.

Yugoslavia XI

Yugoslavia Squad

Soviet Union XI

Soviet Union Squad

Yugoslavia vs Soviet Union - Kits

Yugoslavia vs USSR Concept Kits by Dorian
Concept Shirts made by Dorian from La Casaca.

Yugoslavia vs USSR Concept Kits by Taggo
Concept Shirts made by @TadGonza.

Yugoslavia vs USSR Concept Kits by Franco
Concept Shirts made by @FrancooC07.

Yugoslavia vs USSR Concept Kits by Paladar Negro
Concept Shirts made by Paladar Negro.

This is a unique project. Who would win the match between Yugoslavia and USSR of today? Let us know in the comments section below, and check out more details on Paladar Negro.