Adidas Euro 2016 Font Revealed

To go with its new Euro 2016 kits, Adidas has unveiled a totally-new typeface, used in two very different variants for each country's home and away kits, respectively.

Adidas Euro 2016 Home Kit Typeface

These images show the Euro 2016 kits of Thomas Müller, Andrés Iniesta and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Adidas' Euro 2016 font is a fairly modern, straightforward sans-serif that comes without any remarkable features. It blends in nicely with the traditional Adidas Euro 2016 home kits and doesn't take away any of the attention from the shirts.

The good guys at TMG have shared three more images of the new Adidas 2016 font, giving us a more detailed look at the design. It features little holes for improved breathability, while a solid outline is added to aid visibility from afar.

Adidas Euro 2016 Away Kit Typeface

The Adidas Euro 2016 away font is seen on the back of the vibrant Spain 2016 away jersey.

For its more modern and experimental Euro 2016 away kits, Adidas has opted to give the same type a rawer look, adding a spray-painted stencil design to it. While the underlying shapes for player numbers are roughly the same as on the Adidas Euro 2016 home kits, the typeface used for player names on the back is entirely the same.

Another twist of the Adidas Euro 2016 away kits is the sheer size of back and short numbers, with the latter standing out in their ridiculous oversizedeness particularly.

The same font will be used for all Adidas 2016 national team kits, including the likes of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico which are only going to be released in March 2016. The Japan 2016 jerseys already boast the same style for player name and number printing.

Do you like Adidas' new font for Euro 2016 and beyond? Let us know in the comments below.