Tomoaki Makino's Extraordinary Boot Combo

Tomoaki Makino has done it again. After the Japanese international previously mixed up the Solar Red Adidas F50 Adizero with the White Adidas F50 Adizero, he now has laced up in another one-of-a-kind boot combo. And while everything already seems to be obvious at first glance, there is even more special about Tomoaki Makino's Boots.

Tomoaki Makino Mixes Solar Red and Solar Blue Adidas X Boots

Close-up picture of Tomoaki Makino's Unique Boot Combo.

It's obvious that Tomoaki Makino has chosen to the mix up the Solar Red Adidas X Boots Colorway (right shoe) with the Solar Blue paint job of the same silo (left shoe). But if we take a closer look at his boots, there is something that does not fit. So what's really special about his boots?

Further close-up pictures reveal hat Tomoaki Makino is not wearing the regular edition of the Adidas X 15.1 Cleats, but a version without the techfit collar in the ankle area. While it remains open if he manually removed the collar from his Adidas X Boots or received his pair directly from Adidas, there seem to be no further modifications done to his boots.

Definitely outstanding. What do you think of Tomoaki Makino's one-of-a-kind boot combo? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out Christoph Kramer's odd boot mix worn some weeks ago.