Closer Look | Serafino 4th Edge

Do you still remember the Serafino 4th Edge, the square-toed future of football boots? Well, even though the Kickstarter campaign didn't really take off, Serafino says the publicity and buzz surrounding the 4th Edge cleats has allowed the company to bring out the boots earlier than planned.

The Serafino 4th Edge is already available to buy directly from Serafino, and some people have got their hands on the unusual product in the last days.

Serafino 4th Edge Boots

Thanks to Footy Headlines follower Gabriel, we are able to give you a new, unedited look at this very special piece of footwear that retails at a solid £99. This price is up to the one of the new Nike Tiempo Legacy II, for example, and that's the second best model of the Tiempo line.

The pictures show a pretty standard leather football boot with a pretty traditional, low-key overall design. Apart from the eye-catching toe, that is.

Another feature of the Serafino 4th Edge, which is available with a "multi ground" (AG + FG, pictured), as well as a bladed stud configuration for grass surfaces, is the arch in the midfoot area of the sole plate, constructed to reduce the risk of metatarsal injuries.

Are you considering to up your game by a third or do you think the Serafino 4th Edge just isn't for you? Let us know in the comments below.