No More Modified Boots | Keylor Navas Debuts Standard Adidas Ace

Update: Keylor Navas has switched to non-modified Adidas Ace 16.1 Boots after he previously famously became the first player to cut off the collar of the Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Boots that were released in early February 2016.

Real Madrid's squad ahead of the league match against Malaga

Keylor Navas' non-modified Adidas Ace 16.1 Boots

Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas has become the first player to modify the brand-new next-gen Adidas Ace Primeknit Boots after he debuted a non-modified version of the boots last week. He previously already cut off the Dynamic Fit collar of his Nike Magista Obra Boots before he made the switch to the Three Stripes and their Adidas X Boots during the season (big thanks to Mario Mejía for the spot).

Keylor Navas Cuts Off techfit collar of Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Boots

Close-up picture of Keylor Navas' cut-off Adidas Primeknit Boots.

The close-up picture reveals that Keylor Navas cut off the collar of his Solar Green Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Boots in a similar fashion as he already put off the collar of the Nike Magista Obra. Apart from the fact that he cut off the collar, Keylor Navas' custom boots are the same as the regular edition of the next-gen Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit Soccer Cleats.

The next-gen Solar Green Adidas 16.1 Primeknit Soccer Boots feature a knitted upper and a totally redesigned outsole. You can find more about all top versions (four in total) of the boots here.

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