All-New Umbro UX Accuro 2016 Boots Released

Following a teaser two days ago, Umbro today unveiled a new football boot, the UX Accuro. Building on the UX-1 and UX-2 soccer cleats, the new Umbro UX Accuro lays the focus on comfort.

Umbro UX Accuro - Black / Orange

This is the new Umbro UX Accuro boot.

Before taking a look at the new technologies present in the Umbro UX Accuro 2016 boots, let's take a look at the design of the very first colorway of the all-new Umbro football boot.

An understated design all in all, the new Umbro UX Accuro boots are predominantly black with a few splashes of orange at the top, in the forefoot area and the instep. A subtle diamond pattern is visible on the outside of the new Umbro UX Accuro cleats as well.

Constructed to offer comfort first and foremost, the UX Accuro 2016 football boots comes with a host of other features on top of that foundation. Touch and strike zones on the inside and the forefoot, were added to offer better control in all conditions and allow for more accuracy. On top of that, the Umbro UX Accuro soccer cleats feature a redesigned 'pro-stance' stud configuration.

Retailing at ca. £135, the Umbro UX Accuro will go on sale tomorrow, July 21.

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