Too Soon - Luis Suárez Shows Off Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots

Update: FC Barcelona striker Luis Suárez laced up in the Adidas X Stellar Pack boots for the first time today in a recovery training session after yesterday's match against Leganés. He is expected to debut the stunning white and golden boots in Wednesday's league clash against Atlético.

Luis Suárez Trains in Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots


It looks like the release of Adidas' next football boot collection, the Stellar Pack, is almost upon us.

FC Barcelona 'Leaks' Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots

Ahead of yesterday's La Liga game at Leganés, Barcelona posted its traditional locker room walk-through and surprisingly revealing that Suárez was prepared to wear the new white, black and gold boots in the game. Although he did not in the end, the official release of the cleats seems ever more closer and could well be a bit earlier than the 'late September' we've head before.

Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack

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