Real Madrid to Sign Record-Breaking Nike Kit Deal?

Could Real Madrid leave Adidas to sign with the brand's biggest rival, Nike? According to a respected Spanish journalist, the possibility is on the table, at least.

Adidas to Make Record-Breaking Real Madrid Kit Offer?

Live on TV show 'El Chiringuito de Jugones', Eduardo Inda, editor-in-chief of OK Diario, claimed that Real Madrid are unhappy with what Adidas is paying annually for the contract with the most successful Spanish team.

Compared to Manchester United, a team "with less prestige" according to Inda that gets around €100 million per year from the German brand, Real Madrid receives around €75 million. We assume that this figure includes bonuses since it's significantly higher than what is usually reported of Real Madrid's Adidas deal (ca. €40m).

What a Real Madrid kit by Nike could look like

Inda went on to claim that Real Madrid's unhappiness has prompted Nike, kit supplier of no-one other than FC Barcelona, to offer Los Blancos a much improved, €120m-per-season offer. This would put Real Madrid at the very top of the highest-valued kit deals, ahead of Barcelona.

However, this whole story comes with a number of inconsistencies:

  • 'El Chiringuito' is not the most reliable source, to say the least
  • Real Madrid's current deal with Adidas won't expire until July 2020, almost four years from now
  • Earlier this year, speculation arose regarding an insanely high renewal offer from Adidas. Although those rumors have cooled down since, the new reveals could be seen as a measure of Madrid to put pressure on the brand

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