Do Barcelona's New Training Shirts Hint at a Qatar Airways Renewal?

Returning from a three-day break, FC Barcelona wore Qatar Airways-sponsored training shirts for the first time this season on Monday. So, what does this mean?

Barcelona to Renew Qatar Airways Sponsorship?

Barcelona's training kit on October 6 and 10.

Now you might think, 'what's the deal, they had that logo on their training shirts last year as well' and that's not wrong. Initially though, the club had announced it would sign a separate partner for the training shirt. In the end, the Catalans renewed with Qatar Airways for another year 'under the same conditions as the previous agreement', which obviously included the training jerseys.

This was a few months ago, though - the new training jerseys could suggest ongoing talks behind the scenes after all. Barcelona's 2016 general assembly is scheduled for October 29, and the club has communicated it hoped to have a shirt sponsorship offer for 2017 onwards on the table to vote on.

So, whether these latest developments are of any importance in the bigger picture or not, we will likely know a lot more in just a few weeks.

What do you think? Will FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways continue as partners? Drop us a line below.