Benzema, Diego Costa and Marcelo Ditch Next-Gen Adidas X 16 Boots

Update: Real Madrid's Karim Benzema and Marcelo have also returned to the Adidas X 15 SL boots, just as Diego Costa. See the images below.

Benzema and Marcelo Train in Adidas X 15 SL Boots

Up-close with Benzema's and Marcelo's cleats.

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has caught our attention as he laced up in the Adidas X 15 SL boot instead of the second-gen Adidas X 16 cleat in all matches of the past few weeks.

Diego Costa Still Sports Adidas X 15 SL 2016 Boots

Close-up with Diego Costa's boots, which seem to be modified for the Spanish striker.

Even though Diego Costa is one of the faces of the Adidas X 16 boots, the Chelsea striker seems not to like Adidas' second-gen X 16 boot. Even more interesting are the facts that Diego Costa previously already received completely custom boots from the Three Stripes, that he laces up in the one-off released Adidas X 15 SL boots, which additionally also seem to feature a special leather upper for the Spaniard and that he was actually never spotted with Adidas' X 16 boot yet.

Do you think that Adidas should create a new custom boot for the Spaniard to make him switch to the X 16? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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