Closer Look | Marcelo Switches to Camouflaged Adidas X Blue Blast Boots

Update: Marcelo yesterday posted a Story on his Instagram account showing off his camouflaged Adidas X 16 Stellar Pack boots under the hashtag #FlashbackFriday. Marcelo logically already switched to the Blue Blast Adidas X 16.1 soccer boots, and his cleats feature the same modifications as before (Completely different upper, lacing system (Adizero) and collar).

Marcelo Switches to Camouflaged Adidas X Blue Blast Pack Boots

Thanks to one of our avid followers, we became aware that Marcelo has received camouflaged boots after he previously wore Adidas' last-gen Adidas X SL soccer cleats. He already wore camouflaged Adidas F50 Adizero boots, whereas his Adidas X SL 15 cleats were not modified.

Marcelo Receives Camouflaged Adidas X Stellar Pack Boots

Close-up with Marcelo's Stellar Pack soccer boots that he already wore in several matches.

Boasting the look of the Adidas X 16.1 Stellar Pack cleats, Marcelo's boots feature a completely different upper than the regular edition as well as a custom low-cut collar. Whereas the regular Adidas X 16.1 boot comes with loops for the laces, Marcelo's boot features holes. The upper material of Marcelo's boot is also different to the standard version.

Apart from those unique modifications, the boots of the Brazilian are the same as the standard version, including the sole plate.

What do you think of Marcelo's boots, which are very similar to Bale's custom cleats? Let us also know in the comments below if you have spotted more Adidas players wearing camouflaged football boots.
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